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Kamran Sadeghi – Ritual Signal 2 x 12″


Kamran Sadeghi 2 LP debut on Amphia Records. Iranian-American producer delivers beautiful abstract journey through micro-melodies and very detailed rich sound design. This album is better and better with every listening so… k-tip

More Than Tomorrow


Water Me

Who New


May Day



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    As a producer who is strongly influenced by many fragments of the arts spectrum, starting from music itself, to film, art, design, Kamran Sadeghi´s first Amphia LP represents the artist´s dialogue with music and its depths. Between 2014 and 2017, Kamran has experimented with many different ideas, moods and musical exercises which build up a track sequence as an invitation to explore the melodic ritual and use their imagination to create their own meanings.

    The openers “More than tomorrow” and “Today” are subtly mingled, suggesting the alternation between the future and the present through a sound focused motif. “Water Me” and “Who New” are introducing Side B, briefly triggering a rediscovery process. The atmospheric aesthetic of the LP is emphasized as the third side elaborates the meaning of a “Rise” during a “May Day”, a soulful connection with enlightenment. When reaching the last side, “Surface” and “Decay” are closing the melodic ritual, with the signals slowly fading as an escapism.

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