Michal Zietara & Oskar Szafraniec – Universal Worldwide Weekend EP


Loser house from Polish-Berlin based duo Oskar Szafraniec & Michał Ziętara. Extremely catchy cover & music.




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    Manifested in Berlin‘s iconic club scene, Michal Zietara and Oskar Szafraniec quickly developed a friendship through their mutual passion for all things in electronic music.

    After several b2b DJ sets across Berlin and Poland came about a time to put two musically talented heads together and work in the studio.
    This first and not last EP from the newly formed Loser Records in Berlin is a modern reconfiguration of minimal inspired voice of stripped back house music. A spiritual and bracing energy of active percussion throug- hout, ties in the „less is more“ repertoire without the clichés and all the originality.

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