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AMORF – Ancient Future EP


Brilliant connection of neo-classicism and ro-minimal. Instant classic + outstanding high class cover. k-tip.

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    Amphia 019 announces Amorf’s return on the label with the two-tracker “Ancient Future”.

    The EP anchors itself on the organic juxtaposition of traditional elements, like piano bits and long-winding pads, and futuristic soundscapes. Starting off with a suspenseful, eerie combination of pads and bass lines, it leads you on through an airy section, only to end up in complete contraposition.

    “Recall” exhibits a dynamic playfulness of instruments, the arrangement materializing into a complex narrative that takes you on a whimsical quest, with enigmatic piano excerpts and colorful percussions. Ambient delayed textures add up to the overall feel of the track, making it a multifaceted composition.

    “Momentum” is more introspective and takes its inspiration from the name itself. As the force that keeps something in motion, the track’s entire concept is built on balance. The piano motif with its distinct sound, mellow bass grooves, and intricate rhythm sections all fuse together to create a laid-back frame of mind.

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    Waga 180 g
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