Chmara – Spring


Very pleasent minimal techno-not-techno, that automaticaly brings nice memories of Spring. K-tip.


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    Chmara is an artist better known for the duet „Chmara Winter,” which created a number of releases for Pets Recordings. Currently he is producing by himself and joining forces with Otake Records. ”Spring” has its unique position in the catalog of young label from Warsaw. The vinyl is original, surprising, flourishing and simply beautiful. Some Herbert’s or DJ Koze inspirations can be felt, however, a solid character of these tracks gives a clear understanding that Chmara has his unrepeatable unique style that can not be faked.

    Lyrics, wonderful Chmara’s timbre plus accompanying female vocals give an image of surreal order. It’s a beautiful, harmonious hallucination caused by nothing but music. The record also contains two remixes from SLG and Piotr Bejnar – the owner of Otake Records.

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    Waga 180 g
    Wymiary 12 in
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