Combine to Define – Homeless Bourgeoisie


This is the third release of Suricate, presenting a new duo from Washington called ‚Combine To Define’. They are teaching us that clothes are optional for the homeless bourgeoisie.

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    Especially this enthusiastic anthemic „Clothes Are Optional” -Track has done to me on this EP. One thinks to hear almost archaic flutes and fanfares in the vastness of the chords, so high here is the nostalgic euphoria. The gentle push-ups of the vocals kick through the background just like a ray of sunlight at the right moment, and everything dissolves in the timeless mood of a picture that announces the promise of a new morning, the great moment on a rave may be.„Only You” rocks with a similar smoldering mood and transforms this lurking floating charm here with a nuance far in the background of loud discoreference to a buzzing happiness. The title track is unexpectedly fast and sparkles with a sense of harmony that reminds us of early breakbeat times. Idiosyncratic but very charming EP.



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    Wymiary 12 in
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