Francesca – The Inside Out


Francesca debut on Pleasure Club brings some broken rhythms and sub bass structures. Deep as usual.

  • Opis

    The Inside Out was written in London in early 2019. The city skylines and urban landscape during the cold winter months provided the perfect muse to what would become Francesca’s debut album on Pleasure Club. Incorporating the broken rhythms and sub bass culture of the capital, the feel of the album – whilst metallic and electronic – maintains a progression throughout that transforms more experimental sounds into something that possesses a timeless feel. With each track named after a work by C.S Lewis, the album explores the theme of ‘Sehnsucht’; the ability of a soundscape to take you back (or forward) to a place you cannot name, and its capacity to create emotions that are both timeless and unique to one’s own experience. A futuristic record which subtly references the sounds of classic UK techno and electro.

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