INTe*ra – Aqueduct 2 x 12″


Retro-futurist hyper techno full of dynamic breaks and idm-ish structures. Fire tip.

  • Opis

    While some of the hype surrounding Acting Press may have cooled in recent times, the Berlin-based label remains in rude health. That much is proved by this album-length double vinyl excursion from Intera, an all-star collaboration between PLO Man, Hashman Deejay, C3D-E. The trio starts in stunning fashion with the spaced-out, far-sighted dub techno/ambient fusion of „697”, before brilliantly wrapping huggable, ultra-deep chords around a skittish techno beat on „463”. They pay tribute to the glory years of Detroit techno on the all-action bustle of „548”, while „653” sees them place bouncy, glassy-eyed riffs and Modem-style electronic sounds atop another retro-futurist techno groove. „414” is techno-funk after an extra-strong dose of shrooms and „410” is a superb ambient techno excursion.

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    Waga 180 g
    Wymiary 12 in