Jorge Savoretti ‎– Atipic 004


004 from Atipic goes to Buenos Aires producer Jorge Savoretti. 3 tracks EP with stunning groovy-melodic A side and 2 more dark, night-shift killers. 180 g vinyl only.




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    For those unfamiliar with the Atipic releases, it may seem that Buenos Aires’ Jorge Savoretti has chosen to swim upstream on the latest Atipic installment. As for a trained ear, the apparently bipolar approach, elegantly touching quite a few electronic influences from different decades, has a cohesive unity in all the 3 tracks presented.

    Hidden under the sharp cut filters from the happy side A tune or building the groove to be unleashed in full swing on Side B, it is up to the dancefloor characters to find these elements.
    Rather unconventional, yet totally subjective, Atipic004 is a proof of concept on how different angles can generate twisted and unexpected perspectives on modern electronic music.

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