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    Renate Schallplatten’s eighth release comes from Michal Zietara with Olympia Europa. The four-track EP, the Polish-born, Bavaria-raised, Berlin-based Renate resident’s solo debut features three originals plus a remix from Ian Pooley. Opener “Mr. Joy” is a late-night uptempo jam with a punchy bassline and warm pads. Chopped vocal samples come to the fore around the breakdown, raising the tension for maximum euphoria upon the beats’ return. Ian Pooley’s flowing remix on the A2 is in the signature ’90s filter house style. The vocals lead the way, adding some warmth to a rather stripped-back affair. It’s another peak-time cut that makes you want to close your eyes and move to the music. The punchy beats and upbeat melodies return on “Euro Robot,” this time paired with intricate drums, fluttering vocals, and high-pitched keys. Closer “Pink Seal” is more downtempo and pensive, centered around coherent vocals and smooth pads. The beats feature less prominently, even fading away after a brief midsection. It’s a cerebral track; a moment of self-reflection in an otherwise upbeat, high-energy EP.

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