Primal Code – Caimano Tribe


Superb tribal slow drifting techno by hypnosis maestros Primal Code. This record is limited to 500 pcs. 180 heavy weight vinyl with very nice Artwork by Reza Afshar. Deep hypnotic tip.

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    Hypnus is pleased to present the first solo EP by the talented Primal Code. Following their much appreciated debut album „La Via della Seta”; „Caimano Tribe” takes their sound and the label’s visual expression to a new level as we dive deep into quirky terrains.

    The record is divided into four cuts with beats broken and speed altered in varying degree. From the suggestively alluring dance floor entrancer „Caimano Tribe” to the sparse, jungle prowling „Mutara Speech” and onward to the B-side which guides the listener deeper into the caiman swamps.

    It comes sheathed inside one of Hypnus’ signature custom cut sleeves, adorned by an evocative illustration by Reza Afshar. Released under the September full moon, 2019.

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    Waga 720 g
    Wymiary 12 in
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