Various – The Very Polish Cut-Outs Vol. 6


The Very Polish Cut-Outs are back! After 3 years of silence volume 6 is here with with 4 delicious polish tracks edited for making the dancefloor sweat.

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    Tired of another EP filled with US disco or afro boogie edits? Then we got you covered – after 3 years The Very Polish Cut Outs are back with another instalment of their samplers. This new offering is filled with 4 delicious polish tracks edited for making the dancefloor sweat.
    The A-side has starts with a new edit from Holiday 80, the Warsaw duo steals the show with a proper stomper „Twą Jasną Widzę Twarz” („I can see your light face”), a heavy party weapon with infectious vocal hooks based on a totally unknown track by a very famous Polish folk band. The next track is deep disco at its best – „Dżinsowe maniery” („Jeans manners”) edited by Karol Aleksander who joins forces with Bisti, a new talent on the TVPC roster. Their reinterpretation of a pretty unknown song by superstar Polish diva is a straight floor-filler infused with soul vocals.
    On the flip side, you will find two edits by the Belarusian maestro Schmoltz, who once again proves, that he’s the master when it comes to digging obscure tracks from behind the Iron Curtain. The first piece is „Piosenka młodych wioślarzy” („The song of the young rowmen”) an energetic time-bomb as well as a crazy combo of organ stabs and groovy horns. The other cut is a hypnotizing edit of “To będzie koniec” (“This will be the end”), a Polish new-wave unheard classic with a psychedelic twist. The cover sleeve was designed by the long-time label collaborator Bartek Szymkiewicz.

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